With the growth of video content consumption over the past year due to the pandemic,  many of us have started making YouTube channels to earn some easy cash.

The subscriber count tells us about your organic reach on the world’s second-largest website and the biggest video sharing platform with over 1 billion hours of content watched every day.

In this post, we will try to help you get more subscribers using tested methods.

1. Use Power Playlists

Generally, people make playlists arranged according to a topic. Instead, you should create power playlists to promote your content. They are similar to simple playlists.

They are organized by outcomes, meaning that the viewer will learn something from watching those specific videos.

Viewers are then more likely to binge-watch your content to get the intended information.

2. Promote Videos at the End Screen

The more one watches your content, the more likely the person will subscribe to your channel. After viewing what you have to offer the audience, they are primed and want more. 

At the end screen, promote your other videos. By simply using the “Next Video” button, you can bring in new subscribers and hype the viewers about your videos.

3. Keep Your Content Consistent

Stick to specific types of videos, whether it’s gaming, cooking, vlogging, etc. Don’t make a gaming video one day, and the next day upload a cooking tutorial.

This will get you random viewers and no long-time subscribers. Be consistent in the type of videos you choose to upload.

Select a particular niche for your YouTube channel. This will allow you to focus on your content and help you find your target audience. Targeted content will get you more subscribers than just random videos.

4. Quality, not Quantity

In the beginning, YouTubers will upload lots of videos thinking ”more videos=more views and subscribers,” but that doesn’t work.

Making lots of low-quality videos won’t get you subscribers. Focus on quality. the higher the quality, the better chances to get more subscribers. 

5. Interact with Your Audience

Interact and create a relationship with your subscribers. Post witty comments, answer their queries, help them with their specific needs and problems, follow their channels, etc.

With time, they will bring more subscribers and help you get ideas for new videos. Stand out by replying to comments as most YouTubers don’t engage with their audience.

6. Make a Compelling Channel Description

The description should tell the viewer what the channel is about, provide important information, and invite people to subscribe to your channel.

Use keywords relating to the videos you create. For example, if you are making a gaming channel, use terms like gameplay, secret quests, legendary items, etc.

7. Stick to Your Content Schedule

Once you make and upload a content schedule in your channel description, follow it, but make sure the content you upload is of good quality. 

If high-quality content is uploaded consistently, people know that more good content is coming and are more likely to subscribe. Don’t disappoint your subscribers by not uploading on time. This will create a negative image.

8. Funnel People to Your “Subscriber Magnets”

Subscriber Magnets are the videos that bring the greatest number of subs to your video. Head over to your channel’s Analytics Report and select “Subscribers”” → “See More.”

 Now, identify the video that has brought you the most subscribers, or your Subscriber Magnet. This video is a proven method to generate subscribers. So, all you have to do is promote the video, which can be done in the following 3 ways:

  • Feature it into your End Screen
  • Make a playlist that starts with it.
  • Promote it through a card.

9. Organize Your Channel Art

Your YouTube channel page welcomes anyone who decides to check out your channel. Anybody who lands on your channel page is a potential subscriber; maybe they just watched a video and want more. So, show them your best.

The page should be clean, hospitable, compelling, and optimal for all devices. No one likes a poorly-managed, unwelcoming, and messy page. It gives the wrong impression, which is the last thing you want to do.

There are various templates available. While there is no perfect way to design your page, it should be clear, compelling, and interesting. It should show your subscriber magnets and new uploads.

10. Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

One of the easiest and simplest methods is to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. Sometimes the audience needs a reminder to subscribe. Pinpoint that omnipresent subscribe button and also the bell to turn on notifications for your new videos.

This is a way for your viewership to keep up with your work and remind them that you have the content they want. Show them that your channel is worth subscribing to. 

Remind them to subscribe after you provided them with some new and exciting information or made them laugh. Don’t overdo it, though, as it may risk turning people off.

11. Brand Your Thumbnails

Your thumbnail acts as a cover for your video. It is a 1280px by 720px still image that represents your video. Aside from your title, the thumbnail is your first and a great chance to convince viewers to click on your video.

The thumbnail depends on the type of channel you have; a gaming channel would have a different thumbnail from a vlogging one.

You should have consistent branding in all your thumbnails. The same font, color palette, and even the same frame composition. This way, people know consciously or subconsciously that they’re viewing a video made by you.

12. Channel Tagline

The tagline makes your channel stand out, which is something not many YouTube channels do. Standing-out makes your channel appear to look better and making more likely for new subscribers. 

Here is a three-step process:

  • Identify ONE unique thing that makes your channel stand out or look different. Like: Maybe, you are a Navy SEAL with knowledge of how to survive in the wild or an active shooter situation.

Make that your tagline, as long as it is different from others; it’s your unique identification point. Here your tagline can be:

“I teach people to survive in this unforgiving and unpredictable world.”

  • Place the tagline in your Channel Art
  • Use your tagline in verbal or visual form in your Channel Trailer.

13. Make an Awesome Channel Trailer

A channel trailer or an intro video for YouTube refers to a short video that you can upload which quickly explains to your viewers what your channel is about. Channel trailers are set to auto-play for viewers who haven’t yet subscribed to your channel, so it’s an easy way to turn new viewers into your subscribers.

The trailer should be simple, self-explanatory, and engaging. It needn’t be like those big Blockbuster movies like Avengers, John Wick, etc., but it should be interesting.

This trailer would help first-time viewers understand what your product is and what your content will be about. If it’s something new and they are interested in, they will be more likely to check out other videos and subscribe.

14. Create Crush Watch Time Videos

Watch time is an important factor in whatever type of videos you make, be that gaming, infomercial, etc. The higher the Watch Time numbers for your video, the more they are promoted on the YouTube homepage.

YouTube as a Policy of:

“The longer you can keep people watching on YouTube because of your content, the more your content may get surfaced.”

This can be done by using Pattern Interrupts, which are just events that change people’s thoughts.

This can be done by:

  • Graphics
  • Jump Cuts
  • Sassy jokes or comments, like done in The Daily Show by Trevor Noah, keep the people entertained
  • Camera angles, like seen in vlogging videos.

15. Promote Your Videos

Promote the hell out of your video. If you have a website with some consistent traffic, that’s an easy way to promote your video. Promote your YouTube channel in a way that allows you to effectively use the traffic you already have. 

Use social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to show the people that your channel offers what they want. Make reels, posts, stories, and share them.

16. End Videos With a Strong CTA

When a viewer reaches the end of your video, they think:

“What to do now?”

Give them something to do. Tell them to subscribe to your videos and recommend what to watch next. Don’t be afraid to tell them what to do next. If you won’t, someone else will, or they will move to a different channel.

17. Length of Your Video

Your video’s length depends on the field you are working in, but it is recommended that you keep it small and up to a point. Gameplay videos need to long (about 10+ minutes), whereas the same can’t be said about business videos or cooking videos.

There is no specific time limit, but shorter videos help you promote them better on social media apps where there is a time limit restriction on what you upload.

Now, you know all you need to become that famous content creator you always wanted to be.