Collaborating with other OnlyFans creators can be exciting and lucrative, however, OnlyFans creators should also be aware of their legal obligations when working with other creators.

When is an OnlyFans Model Release Form required?

In the event that you are a creator collaborating with another creator, you will need to get an OnlyFans Model Release Form signed by the other creator. OnlyFans is usually a solo platform for creators, but occasionally two or more creators will collaborate on a project together. If you feature other creators in your OnlyFans videos or images, you will need to obtain a signed model release form before posting that content.

All creators must be verified on OnlyFans

The OnlyFans Terms of Service states that all performers appearing in any content posted on OnlyFans must ALSO be registered and verified with OnlyFans and MUST be tagged with their @username visible on the content. This rule applies for all content, whether it is posted on your feed, or sent as a direct message.

What happens if I collaborate without an OnlyFans Model Release Form?

If you collaborate with another creator in an OnlyFans video or image and you fail to provide OnlyFans with a copy of the model release form when requested, you can be suspended or permanently banned from OnlyFans. This means that your OnlyFans audience and your all unpaid and future earnings would be lost. Additionally, there are legal implications: if you have not obtained an ID and Form 2257 from every model in every scene you have produced, you are in violation of United States federal law (18 US Code 2257).

How to get OnlyFans Model Release Form

Form 2257 is the industry standard form, as it collects all of the required information from your collaborator. You can download and print a copy of Form 2257 here, or alternatively use an app such as Quick2257.

Some best practices include:

  • Obtain a form 2257 from each performer you feature on your OnlyFans account
  • Create two copies of form 2257 – one for yourself and one for your collaborator
  • Take a photo of your collaborator holding a piece of photo identification (photo ID – such as a driver’s license or passport) next to their face, and separately take a clear and readable photo or scan of both sides of their ID