Have you ever watched TikTok videos that feature stellar quality and lighting you’d wish to achieve for your own? We get you! 

It’s every TikTok influencer and content creator’s goal to make their videos visually pleasing, and it’s no secret that investing in an excellent ring light can give you a flattering glow. 

Feel free to scan through the article and take a look at some of the best ring lights you could use for TikTok below! 

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring

If you prefer pocket-sized ring lights that are rechargeable and are easy to bring anywhere, then this one’s for you. QIAYA Selfie Light Ring has a unique micro design that can perfectly clip into any device – be it your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. 

Its light comes from both sides, so you can shoot either from your front or back cam. Also, it offers three levels of brightness which makes it conveniently handy for you to achieve the perfect lighting you need wherever you go. 

Since QIAYA Selfie Light Ring can simply be charged via USB, it’s most recommended for TikTok content creators who frequently shoot their travels, outdoor activities, and occasions!

Aduro U-Stream 18″ Inch Ring Light

Many advanced and professional TikTokers dedicate a specific place to frequently shoot their videos, perhaps inside their home or studio, which makes a stable ring light with a three-legged stand more suitable equipment. 

Aduro U-Stream 18†Inch Ring Light provides 3 gooseneck phone holders which could be useful for content creators who’d like to do live streaming not only on TikTok but to other platforms all at the same time! The USB charging ports come extremely convenient too since you can take uninterrupted videos while your mobile phone is on charge. 

More than that, its phone holder and tripod stand are fully 360! This means that, unlike any other ring light,  you get to adjust your camera angle and height completely.

The Aduro U-Stream 18†Inch Ring Light can be quite pricey, but once you learn and get ahold of its other features such as its color temperature range, and premium Bluetooth remote control, it’s definitely worth the purchase. 

UBeesize 10″ Selfie Ring Light

For TikTokers who simply like to enhance the quality of their videos, and need a much more affordable ring light to accompany them, UBeesize 10†Selfie Ring Light is your perfect match!

Compared to other ring lights, it offers plenty of features you can benefit from while costing much less. It has a secure phone holder, a ten-level brightness, a three-color range, and not to mention, a wireless remote to control your attached device so you can shoot videos without the hassle of having to touch your phone in between takes. 

Additionally, UBeesize 10†Selfie Ring Light has a sturdy and lightweight tripod with a built-in level you can set up easily; this makes it nice to carry when you’re out to travel. 

GVM 600S LED Ring Light

If you’re looking for a more versatile ring light that can illuminate close-ups or long-range shots, as well as small or large areas, getting the GVM 600s LED Ring Light is your solution. 

With GVM 600s LED Ring Light, you can now conveniently disassemble and arrange your lighting in different ways you prefer. It’s equipped with six detachable light bars and a steady tripod you could use to adjust the lighting and frames of your video. 

The stand itself is made from aluminum alloy and designed with a locking system to ensure you have fixed quality lighting to beautify your videos. To help balance your light, you could also play with its dimming knob in the main ring as it provides color temperatures that can quickly blend with your current ambient lighting. 

SEBIDER 26 RGB Dimmable LED Dual-Circle Light

Some content creators are fond of ring lights with flexible and multiple features, and SEBIDER 26 RGB surely won’t disappoint. It has a double ring light which can be used to set wider range of lighting options for videos. It also has a phone mount that’s compatible with almost any smartphone. 

The two rings are sized to ten inches, where both of which are also attached to a single tripod that can be adjusted from fifteen to sixty inches in height. It’s the perfect tool to get you the lumen you need not only in your TikTok videos but also for your other important digital activities such as photography and attending Zoom meetings. 

The temperature options range from 3,000K to 6,500K and can be adjusted with more than a dozen vivid colors and flashing modes. In addition, it has a Bluetooth remote control shutter that can work even when you’re 10 meters away! This makes it great if you’re planning to film dynamic videos that involve bigger spaces and movements like dancing. 

Inkeltech 21-Inch Ring Light

Among the ring lights listed in this article, Inkeltech 21-Inch Ring Light is the largest — making it much more favorable for TikTokers who have dim or wider indoor spaces. It’s simpler compared to other ring lights with multiple extra features, but works finely and is best commended for its durability. What’s great about this ring light is its lighting gives off a natural warm ambiance to your videos, and can also enhance the look of your environment. 

Inkeltech 21-Inch Ring Light offers color temperatures from 3,000K to 6,000K along with brightness levels ranging to a hundred percent. Its remote works at a 2.5-meter distance, which is just enough for shooting close-up videos, giving you an awesome hands-free experience!