Ring lights have become an important accessory for many YouTubers, TikTokers, and particularly makeup influencers in helping to achieve the desired lighting, even when natural light can’t be found. Ring lights provide consistent lighting, no matter what time of day it is. These lights are great for enhancing the subject, whether it be a product or a person.

But choosing the right ring light is not an easy task because the market is filled with many models because of the new popularity of the ring light. Here in this article, we review some of the top-ranked best ring lights that are an ideal option for both YouTubers, photographers, and TikTokers.

Why use a ring light in videos?

Ring lights provide the advantage of lighting up the subject with virtually shadow-free lighting. The effect on videos can be instantly recognized, particularly videos in which you are the subject, and is particularly helpful for videos where you sit down and just talk to the camera, or where you’re doing your makeup and need your audience to see your full facial features.

Top 3 Best Ring Lights For YouTubers, TikTokers, and Makeup Artists in 2021

1. Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light Kit

Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light Kit

At the top of our list, we include the Neewer ring light kit. Neewer is a popular brand in the photography world and manufactures well-priced ring lights in various sizes. The Neewer 18 inch LED Ring Light is a good value for money option on this list.

This model comes with 2 filters, one white and one orange. The white serves as a diffuser and makes lighting softer when using the unit. The orange filter adds warmth to the subject by way of color temperature adjustments. This right light is a brilliant choice for portrait photography – it has a flexible arm and telescopic mount, so you don’t need anything else to get great lighting for your photos and videos.

In addition to the large lighting ring, the kit comes with various accessories. There is an adjustable 35-79″ bracket; a swivel mount for smartphones, a hot shoe adapter to mount a camera, European power cables, a pair of filters to adjust the color temperature, and remote control via Bluetooth.

The Neewer light ring has 240 LED lights with a total power output of 55W, although there is a dimmer to decrease the intensity. The light angle can also be changed if you prefer to have the stand taller and the light pointed downward.

It also has remote control through the smartphone with Bluetooth; this is simple but effective. It is used to take photos or start and stop video recording without touching the phone, being an excellent option as a led ring for photography.

Pros Cons
2 color filters with different temperature The holder is not sized for larger phones (ie. Apple Pro Max series phones)
Includes sturdy tripod   
Remote shutter work via Bluetooth  
2 clip-on attachments  

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2. FOSITAN LED Ring Light with 2M Stand

FOSITAN LED Ring Light with 2M Stand

The FOSITAN LED Ring Light is another great option for YouTubers or photographers. The ring light has two diffusers – one white and one orange. With these two diffusers, your options for lighting effects are increased without having to purchase them separately.

The FOSITAN includes 180 LED lights in its design, which in the opinion of users, can give the impression that your shots are taken in front of a window that projects a lot of natural light. This is because the color temperature it offers is up to 5500K, so you can give your photos adequate warmth. It is also easy to control the intensity of the light, thanks to the buttons included in its structure.

It is common that the light effect you need is not always that of a bright and slightly warm natural light, or you do not want the pupils of your model to be photographed to have that pearl effect that LED lights often show.

You do not have to purchase some accessories separately to soften the light and change its tone; the light ring kit includes two filters, one white and one orange. With them, you can play with different lighting effects, and in this way, expand your options, giving rise to different sensations in the videos or photos.

Those who purchase an LED ring light know that this product, to be truly versatile, has to be combined with other accessories such as a good tripod, which is stable and allows the light to be projected exactly where it is needed. It is also very convenient to place the camera or mobile near the light ring to capture the shot at the best angle.

It includes plugs of different types so that you do not have problems when connecting it. It should also be mentioned that the tripod includes a ball joint, which will allow you to rotate the ring and choose the best position for your shots. It also has a trigger with Bluetooth connectivity. For these reasons, it might as well be the best budget LED ring light available.

Pros Cons
Includes carrying case Lights become hot after some hours of usage
Hot shoe adapter  
Bluetooth remote control  
12-month worry-free warranty  

3. ELEGIANT Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder

ELEGIANT Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder

If you are looking for a perfect ring light for making a makeup tutorial, the ELEGIANT Ring Light is a good option on this list. Because for making tutorials, a tall ring light is not necessary. The ring includes 160 LED lights, enough to provide a crisp, clear shot.

This ring offers you 3 different colors, so you can add the warm or cold effect you need. The color effects can be altered using the built-in buttons attached to the plug. In this way, you can decrease or increase the brightness up to 11 levels and navigate between the available modes.

With respect to the intensity of light it offers, it has a range from 3200K to 5900K, providing a good light output. Additionally, its structure has a built-in cell phone holder to allow you to easily record shots and videos on your cell phone. Its push-button remote makes it easy to choose the settings that you need without spending a lot of time configuring them. This light would be perfect for TikTokers, given its ability to easily place the cell phone right in the middle of the light.

It is powered by a USB port, easy to connect to your computer or cell phone charger. Its accessory set may be enough so that you do not have to purchase other accessories separately.

Pros Cons
3 diverse light modes Average quality tripod
11 levels of brightness  
360-degree rotatable ring light  


Good lighting makes the difference between an eye-catching video or photo and others that are dull and unattractive.