The Business of YouTube

Vlogfluence is your source for starting and growing a successful YouTube channel, as a business. We’ll provide you with information to get started, growing, and thriving! We’ll help you choose the right camera and equipment for your budget, setup and design your channel, pick a channel topic and plan content, and grow and market your YouTube channel.

Starting a channel is hard work that requires much time and investment. A successful YouTube channel, with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers, is the result of years of dedication and hard work. When you’re just starting out, Vlogfluence provides practical steps you can take to grow your channel and avoid the mistakes many make along the way.

Vloggers, YouTubers, Creators

The rise of social media influencers and internet personalities has fuelled YouTube as a platform for creators to reach millions. YouTube creators and vloggers (“YouTubers”) can create a real brand and career for themselves, while earning an impressive income and building a life around their passions.

Vlogging isn’t reserved for teenagers. In fact, many of the most successful YouTubers are adults who have carved out a niche on YouTube and use this platform to do what they love every single day.

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