According to the Independent, TikTok managed to become the most popular site on the internet last year, overtaking Google.

Brands, marketers, and regular users want to be part of the action and make the most out of the platform.

The problem is that a popular platform attracts a myriad of users, and it is easy to fall into a place where every video you post feels like something you have already seen on TikTok.

Having said that, there are certain strategies that increase the odds of going viral on TikTok. If you wish to learn about them, continue reading the article.

Jump at the Trends

You probably remember the ALS challenge back in the day. And what about the challenge of people eating a spoonful of cinnamon? These fun trends went viral and lasted for a while.

Ideally, you should jump at an opportunity and become one of the first to cover a phenomenon that could potentially go viral. Even if your video itself is not perfect, being one of the first to engage in an activity gives an advantage over other TikTokers.

Stay Consistent

Continuing with the topic of trends, some appear and disappear almost immediately. A trend can last as little as one day.

That is why you should get in the habit of recording videos on a regular basis and posting at least one video every day.

Even if a video is not related to whatever is trending on TikTok at the time of you publishing it, you will still have new content to share with your followers. Keeping an audience engaged is easier when the said audience has regular posts to look forward to.

Immerse Yourself in TikTok

The more time you spend on TikTok, the more familiar you become with the platform. Even if you are not focusing on your own content, you can still learn and improve a lot by paying attention to what other TikTokers are up to.

There is the For You Page that you can scroll through and watch your favorites. Also, do not forget the Explore Page that lets you discover new TikTok accounts to follow.

Add a Personal Touch

TikTok videos are short, and you need to make the most out of the time limit you have. A personal touch could go a long way in attracting attention from viewers and increasing engagement in your videos.

For instance, you could use a font generator to have a caption that does not rely on the default TikTok font. Instead of having the plain-looking “I am waiting for a bus,” you could make the caption look like this:

ᵢ ₐₘ ᵂₐᵢₜᵢₙᴳ ᶠₒᵣ ₐ ᵦᵤₛ


I͟ a͟m͟ w͟a͟i͟t͟i͟n͟g͟ f͟o͟r͟ a͟ b͟u͟s͟

Another way to appear more personal and authentic is by being genuine on the platform. Show what you really are and have fun. TikTok users should enjoy your content more if you are also enjoying it. After all, the fun is contagious.

Offer Value

Short videos might limit how much you can do in terms of tutorials and various life pro tips, but there is a big market on TikTok for this niche.

From DIYs and science experiments to guides for foreign travelers and workout tutorials, even if you present the information to your audience in short videos, so long as it offers value, you should see your videos gaining more interest.

For instance, as a native of a country that receives a lot of tourists, you could share some useful traveling tricks that are not covered in mainstream media, establishing yourself as a somewhat authority figure in a specific niche on TikTok.

Involve Other TikTokers

Collaborations are the bread and butter for many influencers, and TikTokers are no exception. You can reach out to other platform users directly and come up with an idea.

As an alternative, there are also the Stitch and Duet features that TikTok users can utilize to involve the content of other creators.

With Stitch, you add a clip of another video to your video before or after and create your content around it. For instance, rebutting someone’s claims or following up with additional advice if someone is offering tips on their video.

Duet is similar, except that it makes the clip play alongside your own video, which is similar to the picture-in-picture mode.