TikTok is the new queen bee in the social media hive, and with new and regular users coming in and growing popular every day, it can be quite a challenge for singular posts to stand out and get more views — but, never impossible!

For committed content creators looking to receive more views, there are plenty of effective (and costless) tricks you can use to authentically grow your audience and engagement! So without further ado, let’s get right to it. 

1. Hop on relevant hashtags

Using hashtags is by far the most popular, yet most basic strategy you’ll ever need to incorporate in your daily content. You’ve probably encountered seeing or using them on Twitter and Instagram, which definitely proves its solidity and essence in the realms of social media.

However, despite how easy it seems to add or create hashtags of your own, oftentimes, it actually requires you to do more detailed checking and analyzing — Ask yourself: Which hashtags are relevant or trending today? Is it inline with your campaign or content niche? What hashtags are your competitors using? 

Take note that if someone watches a viral TikTok video using the same hashtag you use, then there’s a better chance your video comes up next. You can start by listing down hashtags (and content ideas) from industries or top influencers who happen to have the same or similar theme as yours; that way, your TikToks could reach a broader yet more specific target audience.

Along with the other hashtags you plan to line up with your caption, it’s best that you make room for #FYP or #ForYouPage too! It reiterates TikTok’s portal that suggests content that other users might like; from this, your posts can positively hope for more clicks and exposure. 

2. Prioritize your thumbnail

TikTok is a visual platform where common users are given the freedom to create, engage and enjoy fast-paced micro-entertainment. With millions of people scrolling through the platform, it’s highly important to have a cover photo that’s appealing or interesting enough to make them click. 

You need to understand the fact that no matter how witty, substantial, or pleasing your content is, if you haven’t paid attention to your cover photo, then the likelihood of getting better views will be low. Many content creators fail to pay attention to this as well, as a result, their TikToks are not well-optimized to attract their desired number of viewers. The good news is, there are multiple ways you can make your TikTok videos more clickable; some would include making your thumbnail more visually aesthetic through filters or perhaps adding intriguing video titles that can help peak curiosity.

3. Take quality shots

Since TikTok videos are purposely formatted to fully fit a phone’s screen, you should consider the quality of your video. If in case your chosen cover photo shows a frame of a dim, pixelated, or poorly cropped post, then this might, unfortunately, lead potential viewers to skip your video. 

Think of it as if you’re about to go on a date! Showing a fun and loveable personality might keep them interested in you, but looking your best also plays a huge factor in initially attracting them! 

4. Keep it short and simple

Do you want to know the magic number? It’s 7! In the TikTok world, your video has a higher chance of getting rewatched if it’s only 7 seconds long (or anywhere near that range). As there are so many videos already vying for attention on the platform, keeping yours short actually encourages users to watch till the end rather than swiping off to another. 

You also have the option to use this trick for your captions and titles to keep them catchy and easy to read! It’s a quick way to let potential viewers know a bit of what your content is about before they start to click and watch. 

Another thing is that TikTok’s algorithm really prioritizes videos with high completion rates to recommend in people’s For You Page. So, if your video is short or entertaining enough to get circled back to autoplay, or saved to be rewatched or shared for later, then it’s good to go! 

5. Trending music is your friend!

Trending music works similarly to hashtags. To simply put, if you decide to use a popular song or audio to match your TikTok video, it’s highly likely that your post gets watched by viewers who have liked other videos that have used the same sound! Remember this: TikTok is trend-driven, so it would actually help if you try to jump on the bandwagon. 

In addition, the advantage of using trending music is that it’s either people are searching for them or it appears straight on their recommendations page. Since most trending music comes with following certain dance moves, theme-related skits, or maybe informational types of videos, you might as well want to add your own spin to it while maintaining your content niche. 

This will surely allow you to get creative juices flowing while more and more viewers take interest in your posts. 

6. Share your TikToks on other platforms

Sometimes, the simplest way to get more views is by saving your videos and re-sharing them on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms. 

Notice that whenever you save your videos, there’s a watermark of TikTok and your username on the side? This bit of detail can be useful too! If by chance someone saw your video on your Instagram story and found it interesting, you’ll never know, they might search you up and watch a few more of your videos on TikTok. 

Maximizing your exposure is great, and when combined with amusing and valuable content, you can expect even better results with your views.