Can you believe that TikTok currently has over one billion monthly active users worldwide, with an eight percent growth forecast every year? How crazy is that! And with multiple companies looking to advertise their products and services through the app, it’s also proven to be a great platform for even just an average Joe to get sponsored!

So, whether you’re a full-time TikTok creator or someone who’s simply planning to earn a little extra from TikTok, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We’ve listed the most important things you need to know about how you can successfully monetize your content.  

1. Set a niche for your TikTok videos

When it comes to making money on TikTok, it first starts with choosing and building a dedicated niche. It can be anything you’re truly passionate about, especially if you’re planning to make creative content for a long time. 

You can come up with a variety of videos. For instance, you could do useful business tips, make-up hacks, or simply entertaining and therapeutic clip compilations of your dog — choose whatever floats your boat! 

Just remember to stick to your theme as this can help you gain more loyal followers who enjoy, and can better relate or benefit from your content. With this, you can also expect better engagement rates. 

If you already have an existing niche, keep it consistent and aligned to your audience’s interests. The higher your engagement rate, the more likely you are to get noticed and land brand deals.

2. Create non-sponsored organic content

If you’ve been using a product or service that you genuinely appreciate and like to share, you should go for it! Tons of brands that are present in TikTok are looking for the right content creators to grant their sponsorship to, and who knows, you might be it!

Let’s say other than being a TikTok creator, you’re also a college student who’s currently taking online classes. With that, you show off some of the materials you purchased that you find essential to your day-to-day student life — maybe your coffee maker or a laptop stand. 

Making interesting content about it, like an honest review or a product demo whilst encouraging your followers to get the same items you love can possibly entice other brands to get you to sponsor them as well.  

3. Make your profile attractive

Creating entertaining, wholesome content is not enough; you also have to make your profile attractive in order to attract brands to make deals with you. Here are the most significant ones: 

a. Having at least 10,000 followers 

Businesses like to have the assurance that they’ll get better exposure and sales through TikTok; so, it’s really important that you’re able to build your audience first. Like other social media platforms, it’s a rule that you need at least 10,000 followers before brands can consider sponsoring you

b. Getting better engagements

Along with having many followers, the number of views, comments, likes, or shares you get also matters. Do this by creating quality content, and encouraging engagement yourself — start by responding to some of your followers’ comments on your posts, or supporting other content creators by liking and sharing their work. Brands like to know that you have active followers who care about your content, and not just a bunch of robots! 

c. Enhancing your profile photo and bio 

If it so happens that a company stumbles on your TikTok video and likes it, chances are, your profile will be evaluated, and from there, they’ll get to decide whether they’d like to sponsor you or not. Who you are and what your content is about should easily be seen and understood in your profile photo and bio. 

Place a memorable icon or a professional photo of you as your profile picture then make your bio short and compelling (note that there’s an 80-word limit). 

4. Follow what’s trending

Use trending hashtags, sounds, songs, or content while you add your own unique touch to it. Doing so will help you get discovered more by both potential followers and brands, it can also help you list down more ideas for your content if ever your creative juices haven’t been flowing lately. 

You can do famous and provenly effective video formats like before and after, how-to tutorials, product demos, or skits that follow your niche. Many content creators have already tried to implement these types of videos and have found them helpful in establishing their presence in TikTok as well as getting more engagements. 

The good news is that, if you frequently follow trends, it’s highly possible for one of your videos to get viral even if you’re just an average user who doesn’t have as many as 10,000 followers. The algorithm really works differently on TikTok compared to other social media platforms, as you can be seen and recognized by brands no matter the number of your followers.  

Feeling motivated to start? 

Every passionate and committed content creator has to start somewhere before they get to earn from TikTok, and the journey can be quite long until you finally do. 

Though all of what’s mentioned above are important to help you get brand deals, what’s most crucial that you should remember is to remain authentic with your content in order to gain loyal followers who trust you. And once your profile is already well-established, don’t hold yourself back from humbly reaching out to brands for sponsorship — you’ll never know if it works if you never try!