With a boatload of options available, picking up the right computer becomes a challenging task. By considering the features, functionality, portability, affordability, and several other factors, you can easily filter out the best options for you.

Today, the market is flooded with a plethora of computer models, and each brand has its unique selling point. From desktops to laptops, the options are endless. Setting up a money-making influencer space at home is important for your overall success as a vlogger.

The Importance of Laptops for Vloggers

If you are a vlogger looking to buy a computer, there are a few things that you need to understand before making any investment. As a vlogger, you are someone who needs to keep up with the latest technology and platforms to reach out to hundreds and thousands of audiences.

You need to create professional videos in high-definition that your followers love to watch. Maybe you need a computer with ample storage space and higher RAM that allows for faster video editing and smooth rendering.

In clear words, it can be said that without a computer, it won’t be possible to carry out everyday vlogging tasks. You need to create videos or collect the content and then give it a final look to make it look amazing before you upload the video or images to your channel.

What You Need to Consider

If you are a travel vlogger or your work involves a lot of traveling, the portability of the device matters a lot. Apart from that, there are several other factors such as the screen size, battery life, graphics card, processing power, and storage capacity, to name a few.

Let’s understand all these factors in detail to know what difference they make when you are looking to buy a vlogging laptop.


If we talk about portability, there are two different ways to understand it. First, being a vlogger, you will need a device that provides you with an easy way to upload and update stuff instantly. That’s only possible with a portable device such as a laptop.

Second, you may need to carry all your digital devices along with whether you are going for a client meeting or on vacation. In that case, too, you need to have a portable device, so having a laptop makes sense.

Screen Size

The screen size contributes to your purchase decision in many ways, and it adds to the portability too. The smaller your laptop, the more portable it will be. Compact laptops are easier to carry around. Anything that falls between 13 and 15 inches makes a good choice.

Along with the overall dimensions, another factor that matters the most is the screen quality, so pick one with full-HD resolution. HP Elitebook X360 G2, MacBook Air, and Lenovo Yoga 920 can be ideal laptops for bloggers.

Audio System

When you are buying a laptop for your vlogging-related tasks, don’t forget to test the mic and speaker system. Most users, such as travel vloggers, food vloggers, or design vloggers, need to add audio to the travel guides or the tutorials they are preparing for their audience.

To execute all the tasks smoothly and effortlessly, you need to have a trouble-free, full-fledged mic that works smoothly. It’s a sensitive part of laptop hardware, so you may experience having microphone broken issues quite often. To avoid any inconvenience later, get a laptop with a sturdy mic and speaker output.

Storage Capacity

All your apps, photos, movies, documents, and other stuff gets stored on the hard drive and stays there for longer (if not forever). The storage media is the permanent storage location for all the data that you want to keep on your computer.

When it comes to buying a laptop for vlogging, get one that is powered with the latest storage technology. Go for an SSD (solid-state drive) instead of a hard drive as it allows for faster processing of data and is considered fail-proof unless damaged severely.


The RAM in your computer controls the memory where the data is stored before processing. It holds the information temporarily, unlike the hard drive that stores data for the long term. Most computers come with 4 GB, 6GB, 8G, 16GB, or more gigabytes of memory pre-installed.

As a vlogger, your computer must be equipped with at least 8 Gigabytes of RAM. When you have ample RAM, you don’t have to worry when downloading resource-eating apps on your laptop, as it will not affect your computer’s overall functionality.

Graphics Card

The graphics card that your computer is powered with is responsible for producing the image that you see on display. The high-quality graphics card will render high-definition images efficiently. Most graphics cards come integrated into the motherboard.

If you buy a laptop, the graphics card comes mounted within the motherboard, which means you cannot remove it. So, when buying a laptop, consider buying one that equips high-quality graphics cards, particularly if you are a graphic designer or a video editor.