So, you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel. One of the most common questions we get from potential creators is:

What types of videos should I make for my YouTube channel? What type of channel should I create?

You’ll want to choose a channel niche & idea in which you can grow as a creator and produce content that others will want to watch. Think about all of the different types of YouTube channels that you watch yourself – what do they have in common, and what about them keeps you coming back to watch more content?

Think about which types of topics interest you and which topics you have adequate knowledge and understanding of. Oftentimes, the best idea for your channel will be at the intersection of these two elements.

YouTube is a consistent endeavor, so the type of channel you create should interest you enough to produce content for. If your audience feels that you are genuinely interested in the topic, they’ll appreciate your videos immensely more.

Types of YouTube Channels & YouTubers

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of different types of YouTubers and niches in which you can carve out your space. Many successful YouTubers start out in a certain category but aren’t afraid to branch out and try different video ideas to reach a larger audience.

Daily Vloggers

Daily vloggers feature and share various aspects of their day-to-day lives. Don’t worry if you don’t think your life is interesting enough to showcase, because we’re sure there’s definitely something that you can share with an audience. There are many vlog channel ideas out there – from sharing your full day-to-day life, to going on shopping trips, or going on vacations and adventures.

Vlogging can be a ton of work, but it’s definitely one of the most desirable types of content for viewers, who become engaged with your shared life experiences and keep coming back for more. This type of YouTuber will often upload a variety of different videos, ranging from “mukbangs” – basically eating and talking to the camera, to collaborations with other YouTubers. Check out our picks for the best budget vlogging cameras available.

David Dobrik takes daily vlogs to the extreme – he reduces his day into a 4 minute and 20 second long video. Each vlog is a crazy ride full of insane moments captured by him and his friends.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Casey Neistat, Ryland Adams, and Emma Chamberlain.


While 2019 has been a year of feuds within the YouTube beauty community, there’s never been a better time to start a beauty channel. With the global cosmetics market projected to reach $800 billion by 2023, brands are constantly looking for new up and coming influencers to review and endorse their products. Many beauty YouTubers go on to develop their own cosmetics products, using their YouTube channels as an organic marketing platform from which to promote their products.

YouTuber and makeup guru Jeffree Star owns cosmetics company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which according to Forbes, sells more than $100 million worth of makeup annually. Other YouTubers have collaborated with massive cosmetic retailers, such as James Charles with his Morphe x The James Charles Palette. If you have a passion and talent for makeup artistry, skincare, and general beauty topics, this niche could be especially lucrative in the coming years.

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur. His larger than life personality has gained him an impressive following on YouTube and other social media platforms. His brutal honesty in reviewing various beauty and makeup products has earned him trust with subscribers, who often wait for a “Jeffree Star Approval” on a product before they purchase.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include James Charles, Tati Westbrook, and NikkieTutorials.


Family vloggers capture their day-to-day lives. These types of YouTube channels film everyday activities, such as making dinner or carpooling to school. Oftentimes the content produced by these YouTubers can appeal to a wide base of viewers – parents, grandparents, children, women, and men. If you are open to sharing your family life on YouTube, this could be a great way to jump into vlogging. Brands are often looking for families to showcase products aimed at families and children, so family vlogging could be a great avenue to gain access to these opportunities. Take It’s The Donnellys for example, their family vacation to Iceland was sponsored and hosted by Adventures by Disney.

It’s The Donnellys is an American family documenting their various adventures, travels, and day-to-day family life.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Family Fun Pack, Bratayley, and The ACE Family.


Travel videos and vlogs are perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting categories of YouTube channels. Many creators have even found a way to turn their travels into a career via YouTube. With Millenials seeking experiences over things, there’s a growing trend for social influencers to share travel best practices on where to go, when to go, and what to do. Popular videos within this niche include traveling on a budget, credit reward hacking, travel tips and tricks, and city guides. In this niche, the more unique you can make your content, the more you will stand out. Take Sailing La Vagabonde for example, an Australian couple sharing their unique life living aboard a sailboat, embracing an alternative lifestyle on the high seas.

Lost LeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) is a Canadian vlogger who quit his nine-to-five accounting job to pursue a life of travel. With over a million subscribers, he produces cinematic content documenting his travels. Many of his videos showcase locales in Southeast Asia.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Kara and Nate, vagabrothers, and Hey Nadine.


If you love technology and you’re constantly getting the next latest and greatest gadgets, creating a tech and gadget review and news channel could be the perfect avenue for you. Tech YouTubers are always keeping up with the latest tech trends and products, and will usually be among the first to review and share their thoughts on these new products released by companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google.

Marques Brownlee is a tech YouTuber producing quality reviews of the latest technology and gadgets from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include DetroitBORG, Jonathan Morisson, and Austin Evans.


The global gaming industry is growing exponentially, with no signs of slowing down. YouTube even has a dedicated gaming page, featuring trending videos, live streams, and other gaming-related content. If you enjoy gaming and would like to share your experiences, this could be a great avenue for you. Popular videos in this niche include walkthroughs, gameplay, and reviews. Top YouTubers in this category generate enormous fan followings and millions of views on their videos.

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is a Swedish gamer YouTuber, with over 99 million subscribers, he ranks as one of the most-subscribed on the platform.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include TmarTn, LazarBeam, and Markiplier.

Health & Fitness

The increasing desire for individuals to lead healthier and fitter lifestyles has led to a rise in demand for YouTube videos in this space. If you have some great healthy recipes or a great workout routine, creating a YouTube channel to share your talents could be a great way to build a following.

Doctor Mike is a practicing M.D. living in New York City. He uses his YouTube channel to break down various medical topics and discuss overall health and fitness.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Madeleine Shaw, blogilates, and The Domestic Geek.

Humor, Comedy & Skits

This YouTube space is perfect for the former “class clown”. If you can crack jokes like no other, look no further. Creating comedic skits hails back to the beginning days of YouTube, yet is still thriving. The best YouTubers in this space create high-quality, well thought out content that often creates a buzz. Collaborate with other YouTubers and friends for optimal results.

Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican YouTuber, who also maintains an English YouTube channel where he produces comedic videos and skits.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Smosh, Liza Koshy, and Lele Pons.

Fashion & Lifestyle

YouTube is a great platform for fashionistas to showcase their fashion hacks, style ideas, and “lookbooks”. If you enjoy staying ahead of the latest fashion trends, putting together unique outfits, and helping others make use of their wardrobes, this would be the perfect niche for you. Many fashion YouTubers pivot into the “lifestyle” space, where they showcase their shopping hauls, “get ready with me” videos, and collaborations.

AlishaMarie is a YouTuber making lifestyle videos and fashion vlogs. She also maintains a second vlogging channel following her daily life, acting as a behind-the-scenes of her main channel.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include Sierra Furtado, MissRemiAshten, and Tess Christine.

Education, Business & Financial

YouTube is a great resource for educational videos across thousands of different topics. Videos are an alternative method for delivering content typically consumed via books or traditional teaching. This leaves a huge opportunity gap ripe for the taking. If you have special knowledge, training, or education on any topic, there’s an opportunity to create a YouTube channel and share your knowledge. Videos centered around financial and business topics often earn the highest CPM (cost per thousand impressions) under Google Adsense. Popular videos in this niche include how-to’s about stock trading and income generation, study tips and tricks, business motivation, and success stories/interviews.

Graham Stephan is a 28 year old real estate agent and investor sharing his best practices for building multiple income sources, saving, budgeting, and investing.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include The Dave Ramsey Show, Nate O’Brien, and Study With Jess.

Music & Performance

If you’ve got a talent and knack for singing, music, or dancing, what are you waiting for? A YouTube channel is the perfect avenue to share your talents with the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of a career as a famous pop star, there’s never been a better time to start a channel to make your dream a reality. Take Troye Sivan, an Australian YouTuber turned global pop superstar. Troye’s platform on YouTube allowed him to step into a music career with an established fanbase.

Kurt Hugo Schneider is a music producer with over 12 million subscribers. He produces covers and mashups of popular songs.

Other notable YouTubers in this category include José Audisio, TheSamTsui, and Allie Sherlock.

Other Specific YouTube Channel Niche Ideas

  • Unboxings
  • Technology and Gadget Reviews
  • Compilations
  • World News
  • Local News
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Food and Restaurant Reviews
  • Cooking Videos
  • “How To” and Life Hacks Videos
  • Prank Videos
  • Comic Books & Superheroes
  • Hairstyling
  • Skin Care
  • Walking Tours
  • Sports
  • Reaction Videos
  • Tutorials (Dance, Singing)
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Educational and Teaching
  • Car Reviews and News
  • Interview Videos
  • Yoga Videos
  • Animated and Cartoons
  • Motivational Videos
  • Book Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel Vlogging


So, there you go! Some awesome categories to give you some inspiration for starting your YouTube journey. You’ll want to ensure that the category you choose is one in which you have enough knowledge and personal experience to share with your audience. Remember to be your authentic self and share who you are – after all that’s what will make your channel unique. Your subscribers will appreciate seeing the genuine you.