YouTube is a mammoth platform with billions of hours of videos, and it would take 60,000 years to watch all the content on YouTube.  A billion hours of videos are watched every day on the platform.

Last year caused a lot of trouble for all of us,  but also gave us opportunities like creating YouTube channels, getting an online degree, and reading those books you always wanted.

There was more than 23% growth in the numbers of YouTube channels just last year. Starting a YouTube channel consists of lots of work like scripting, producing, and editing videos, but above all, you must find a topic you are passionate about.

After deciding that you want to create a channel, you must be cautious about choosing a topic. Don’t worry – we will help lay it all out. Here are the some of best ideas for your YouTube channel.


Who doesn’t like gaming? You can play on mobile phones, Playstation, PC, Xbox, etc. There are lots of options within the field. The Gaming industry is larger than both the Movies and Television industries combined.

Games are evolving and becoming more realistic and complicated, just like our lives. Gone are the days of Older Gen Final Fantasy, Quake 4, Metal Gear Solid, Project IGI, etc.

Modern games rely heavily on choices and their effect on the storyline. Games such as Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin Creed Valhalla, etc., are changing the gaming scenario.

Within a few years, VR Gaming will rise to dominate the world of gaming.

The second-largest YouTube channel, PewDiePie, started as a gaming channel and now has an astonishing 108 million subscribers and more than 20 billion views.

2. Photography and Videography Channels

Suppose you are gifted with  a natural talent to view and capture things artistically and aesthetically. You can start your own Photography or Videography channel, depending on your field of expertise, skills, and comfort.

You can make a video about anything that involves these two fields, from basic techniques to advance techniques or some tricks you have up your sleeve.

You can also talk about the various techniques that famous photographers and directors employ, like Bong Joo-Ho and Wes Anderson’s symmetrical shots, the 180-degree rule, Quentin Tarantino’s iconic long shots and feet shots, etc.

You can even review gadgets, their pros, cons, costs, and benefits that can help your viewers while shooting. You can also give them editing ideas, tips, and more.

3. Comedy Channel

We all love to laugh and live a little. Comedy is all about that. You can blame it for your hours-long YouTube binge-fest. YouTube is full of comedy sketches ranging in all languages.

 Smosh is an example of a famous comedy channel having 25.1M subscribers and over 9 billion views. They are known for their parodies like Every_ Ever series, making fun of Subway, Burger King, and other multinational companies.

 There is no limit to what can be in a comedy video; all you have to do is make the audience laugh. Vines and sketches like BB Ki Vines are quite popular. With a funny script and the right direction, you can also become a sensation or a meme.

4. Internet Marketing Channel

With internet marketing booming due to the current pandemic, starting a channel about internet marketing is a brilliant idea. Many want to learn the ABCs of internet marketing to promote their businesses.

You can offer various courses to people and direct channels to your courses, teaching them in detail the nook and corner of the internet marketing business. A lot of work and new ideas are required to build this platform.

It is not recommended that a person with no knowledge of internet marketing try his/her hand in this field. Both quality and quantity are important when making this content.

5.  Educational Channels

You can find answers to any of your questions on YouTube, be it related to Quantum Mechanics to Criminal Psychology, from Architecture to History. All kinds of people come to YouTube for educational purposes, such as people trying to pass an exam scheduled for tomorrow or individuals doing research work.

Anybody can learn anything on YouTube as educational videos are free and readily available on the platform. If you want to spread your knowledge and help people by educating your viewers, this is the way for you.

PBS Eons is an example of an educational channel. They offer information about Earth’s past, dinosaurs, evolution, and genetics. The channel has about 1.73 million subscribers.

6. Product Review Channel

Product Review channels are ideal for those who have both the means to buy lots of products and know their pros and cons. As we live in a materialistic and capitalistic world, you will never run out of ideas; some new product will always pop-up somewhere.

Monetizing becomes easy with this channel as you can recommend people buy a particular product from a certain place through links, thus increasing your own profits.

Patience is a virtue required in this field as in the beginning you will depend on your own money, but with time that will change. Review and compare costly and cheap products to help people save money on products they buy.

Before saying/claiming a certain pro or con, make sure you do your research. It can backfire badly, damaging your reputation and subscribers.

7. Health and Fitness Channels

If you have the knowledge, you can open a health and fitness channel. Both terms are closely related and intertwine a lot. There are lots of sub-fields to choose from. For example, you can tell people about various diet plans to gain or lose weight according to body type.

You can give tips for staying healthy and preventing specific diseases or tell people about various exercises. Due to the quarantine, many people have tried to stay fit without access to gyms and training studios; you can help people stay fit without any costs.

The topic itself is broad, including yoga, martial arts, healthy lifestyle tips, gym tips, etc., so you won’t run out of ideas.

8.  Travel Channels

There are lots of lovely and dreamy places all around the world if you love to travel. If you travel often, then pick up a camera and make your own traveling channel. People are always interested in different cultures, food, life, etc.

Visit those exotic places you always wanted to, like Thailand, Macau, the Philippines, etc. Document your travels and tell your fellow travelers where they can find cheap and quality accommodations, the best food, etc.

Maybe one day you will travel with money earned from your channel. Some hotels offer free accommodation and other perks for presenting and recommending their hotels to your viewers and tourists.

9. Cooking Channels

Who doesn’t love food? We all crave it. And if you can cook or know various recipes, the cooking channel is ideal for you. The love for cooking and food is primal; we all need it to survive, so why not give those taste buds a tangy and tasty flavor.

Help people through the recipes, guide them, show them the techniques you use and how the food should look at every stage. Through this, you can help them cook a delicious meal.

Do something different, something no one else could think of, which is the recipe for a successful cooking channel. Introduce your viewers to exotic dishes, family recipes, tricks, styles, etc.

10. Make-up and Beauty Channels

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? We all want to look good for various reasons, like to impress our interviewers for a potential job, to get a date with the girl/boy you always wanted to go out with, redesign your lifestyle, etc.

Style and fashion change with time, so your channel would also have to. You must know all the current and past fashion trends, from baggy jeans to skinny jeans. It would be best if you informed your viewer what looks best on what occasion so that you won’t run out of ideas. Now you know some of the best YouTube channel ideas and can get started on creating the YouTube channel of your choice.